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The Mac Zone

What you can't do in (with) a Mac, that you can in (with) a Wintel?

  • You can't see those nasty icons of Win95.
  • You can't use a OS that is a Mac imitation.
  • You can't love Microsoft.
  • You can't ask "How can I do this?"
  • You can't forget it in a dusty corner.
  • You can't ask for the nearest PC center
  • You can't cross your fingers anytime you startup your machine.
  • You can't configurate your sistem everytime it crash.
  • You can't wonder about what happens this time.
  • You can't lost your time.
  • You can't lost your money.
  • You can't be so stupid.
  • You can't throw it to the trash.
  • You can't be part of the mass.
  • With a Mac . . . just be yourself.

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Apple in the Movies

This is a list of the movies where an Apple item appears (Mac, Newton, PowerBook, etc.)
  • Under Siege II
  • Assassins
  • Mission Impossible
  • Batman and Robin
  • The Net
  • Independence Day
  • The Saint

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Warcraft II Maps
Maps I create for Warcraft II (Mac version).
v1.0 born in my immagination.
v2.0 based in the maps of "The Lord of the Rings"

WCII Maps 1.0.hqx
WCII Maps 2.0.hqx


Patterns and Backgrounds
German's Patterns v1.0.hqx332 k

Some Good Links

Apple Computer: Nothing to say...

INFO-MAC HyperArchive: The greatest Mac shareware library. All you need is here.

MacintoshOS: Another Shareware library, and more (Chats, Museum, Discussion Forums, etc.)

About This Particular Macintosh: A E-zine about this particular and wonderful piece of work.

MacOS Rumors: The latest News, information and rumors about Apple and the Mac.

EvangeList mailing list: The Mac related list.

Other Mac stuffs

You can find more good links about Mac in this place.

Some Pro Mac gifs and Animations made in the Mac Zone. Check them.

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If you want to see the others guys, the ones that don't like Mac, click here. Be careful in the dark side.

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